(Juxtaposition) "Are you sure" screen for accidental presses of the back button when doing a detailed drawing

I vaguely remember this being just as frustrating back on Miiverse but now that the platform is run by fans rather than Nintendo I think this feature is a reasonable thing to ask for and actually be seen.

I just spent like 30 minutes on a detailed drawing and I was literally putting away the stylus after finishing it, and the gamepad decided that back had been pressed and with no warning my drawing was lost forever. The previous drawing which I had already posted was now all I could load. I hope this doesn’t come off as annoying since I AM kind of posting in the aftermath of that frustration but man. A simple “are you sure? Drawing will be lost” that I can say “NO” to if that happens seems like a simple feature and would save so much frustration. So I’m just throwing it out there.

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This wasn’t something I had considered before, but I think that’s a perfectly valid thing to request. I’m not sure when I’m next going to have time to work on Juxt, but I’ll toss this on my backlog and see what I can do :slight_smile:


did you click back on the Memo interface?, if you did, then that cant be fixed unless the rpl gets patched, which is definitely not a easy task.

If you mean the back button from Juxt, at that point the memo interface would still return your latest memo (before you changed anything and pressed the memo interface back button), and it would still be cached on the console, even if the post isnt made, until wiiuMemo.reset() is called.

The previous drawing which I had already posted was now all I could load

actually, seeing this, you probably DID press the memo interface´s back button instead of the Juxt one

this isnt Juxt´s/Miiverse´s fault at all, since the Memo interface is separate from the rest of the page, again, what you want (an confirmation screen for cancelling, which 3DS actually had) its (in a technical way) fixable with RPL patching the actual memo.rpl instead of the Juxt web page.