Is Pretendo still supporting Aroma 16?

So, Pretendo is saying that the friend list server is going down for a few hours, due to…data migration??

I’m guessing this means migrating from Aroma 16 to 17.
However, the new Aroma update frees the H&S app, making it impossible to autoboot with that method.
This is why I am staying away from 17.
How do I autoboot after getting the new update?
And will my old version still work with Pretendo?

Thanks in advance. :smiley:


I updated my Aroma version from 16 to 20 and I can still autoboot fine. Although I’m guessing that the data migration isn’t related to Aroma as it’s server related.

Yeah this is was i was guessing to plus aroma is still the current cfw regardless of version right? i wouldnt see them dropping support unless aroma itself changed how something works causing them to change said thing in Inkay or whatever

This is a server migration, and does not have any change on your own console or similar.

However, I highly doubt that Aroma’s later betas prevent auto booting.


I’m pretty sure the friend list migration has nothing to do with Aroma. It’s most likely some internal updates that the devs have been working on that require changes to the database schema. There should not be any changes to Aroma version support.


Correct. The migrations being done are to both update some existing schemes for the 3DS database, which were incorrectly set to be optional, and to add some new tables to the Wii U database regarding account information.

The bulk of this being for the Wii U side, as we have to migrate over 120,000 peoples account data which takes around 5-6 hours in my initial testing. This could have been optimized to not take so long, but I didn’t think it mattered TOO much.