I cant use pretendo in game

i used to be able to send and recieve tingle bottles in wind waker HD, but now i cant. i can use pretendo through the miiverse app, but not in game. it just says “could not connect to the server” “error code 115-5016” whenever i try. does this have anything to do with the new base aroma update that just came out last month? because it could be unrelated, but i did update aroma before i started getting this error

Do you have the latest version of Inkay? After updating to Aroma 20, you should update Inkay.

huh i dont believe i did. how do i do that?

Are you able to access the Homebrew App Store? I’m pretty sure Inkay is listed there and you should be able to install an update.

ok i did that, doesnt seem to have fixed it though. for some reason the wii u plugin system config menu says i have both 2.4 and 2.5.0 of inkay now. is that normal?

Yeah, that doesn’t sound right, would have thought it would just update the copy of Inkay that was already on the system (Universal Updater did that for me on the 3DS with Nimbus).

I assume you should just be able to delete the 2.4 files? I’d wait for a second opinion in all honesty.

all right well i tried that, and it didnt work either, i also tried pretty much everything at this point. i tried rolling back to previous aroma versions, and even that didnt work. i probably took my sd card out to change it at least 10 times today. until someone can come up with a different idea im just going to hope its some temporary server downtime that will get fixed


I also have problems with Aroma connecting to other servers on my Wii U.
error 101-0502

its a server-side issue that seems to happen to (some) users.
Just wait for Pretendo to fix it i guess

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