I can't post or reply at all on my 3DS

Hey, I can’t reply or post anywhere on my PC or 3DS through juxt, I’m wondering if I got banned somehow, even though I didn’t say anything bad. I’ve looked in multiple places and it doesn’t say I’m banned from juxt. I can still play MK7 online.

So to summarize, I just cant post or reply and I don’t think I’m banned cuz it doesn’t say I am anywhere I look, however I can still play online
Please help

As far as I know, you can’t post on PC anyways.

I assume you were able to post on your 3DS before? (just want to ask so that other people can help you better)

Yep, I already had a bunch of posts

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If you haven’t looked in your user data, log-in to the PC version, click your profile, and click View User Data. You might find something there.

I once got posting banned for a week, and didn’t know why it happened until I looked in my user data.

What’d you find in there?

I’m not seeing any user data page, I’ve looked on juxt, pretendo, and forums and I don’t see anything.

Yep, I got banned for about the most stupid reason everrrrr