How to relink PNID after region & DOB change

Hi! When I originally made an account on pretendo, changing the region and date of birth was unavailable. Since that has now been implemented, I can input my change of setting but it says it wont show up until after I unlink and relink my PNID on my wii u console. How do I do that? Thanks!

There is a homwbrew software called Wii U Account Swap in the homebrew app store that has functionality to unlink a NNID without deleting the user.

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You mean pretendo network id not Nintendo network id

I don’t know what is going with my accounts I have my NNID and pretendo account I signed up with different email accounts

The console doesn’t know the difference internally but yes.

Is that officially supported anyways? I know removing the PNID from 3DS is not officially supported by Pretendo but I don’t know whether the same applies to Wii U.

As far as I know, it should be safe, but the account swap app isn’t officially supported.

The issue with the 3ds unlinking is that the gm9 script unlinks both your NNID and PNID, which causes issues with desyncing the state between friends accounts and PNID/NNID accounts. This isn’t an issue on the Wii U.

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