How to change birthday on Pretendo Account

Hi, it really bothers me that my birthday is incorrect on my account, and I can’t change it on my New Nintendo 2DS XL
When will you be able to let us change it
Cause if it only works on Wii U, I’m not Spending $100 just to change my birthday to the accurate date

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Nintendo Network didn’t allow you to change your birthday (tried to change mine for reasons and the only option is customer support) and I doubt Pretendo allows you to change your birthday either since it makes virtually no difference anyways.

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It’s kinda annoying when you don’t have a Wii U, considering you can’t change your birthday on the 3DS, but you can change it on the Wii U. I understand your fustration. There should be a Pretendo Network ID Settings app for the 3DS to let you change your birthday/account info/account settings.