How to add games for pretendo docker?

hello I would see should add games on pretendo docker for that I do how because I don’t really see afterwards I know it’s with nex but I don’t know which to do I wanted to add mario kart 8 / 7 and splatoon

I made a very brief guide for adding a new server. I will warn you that it is generally not an easy task if you are not already familiar with Docker and how the Pretendo servers interact with each other.

I have a small question: do you have to have the dump of the game for example .bin the name nex file?

No, you just need the server’s source code from the Pretendo Network GitHub. The network dumps are used for creating a new nex server that doesn’t have any server code written yet, and that is far out of the scope of my experience.

and you know where to find mk7 8 and splatoon I’m going to do it and I’m new to it

Like I said, all of the Pretendo Network servers are open-source on GitHub.

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okay sorry and thx for that you made yourself so awesome

I tried the update account server database file and it said Setting up Pretendo account servers database…
yaml: line 450: did not find expected ‘-’ indicator
so I don’t know why and other update-account-servers-database.js error the same but I don’t know why./scripts/run-in-container/update-account-servers-database.js: line 1: //: Is a directory
./scripts/run-in-container/update-account-servers-database.js: line 2: syntax error near unexpected token (' ./scripts/run-in-container/update-account-servers-database.js: line 2: const mongoose = require(“mongoose”);’

This would be better off as an issue on the repository. While @MatthewL246_PNID is a developer for us now, that project still remains a personal one and isn’t really under this forums scope of support for now