How to add friends on pretendo?

How do you add pretendo friends? (3ds) I added people through the friends app but nobody shows up for me in Juxt.

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On the 3DS, your friend also has to add your friend code for you to appear as friends.


I’m not sure whether friends would even should up in Juxt anyways? I have no Pretendo friends to test but iirc from Miiverse, your friends don’t show up?

I did that, still no friends however. I’ve been hearing things like PNID friend codes being different than NNID friend codes. Do I have to regenerate my friend code or something like that? I just want to be able to see how the messaging system works on Juxtaposition. It sounds like a really cool feature- We don’t have to communicate through status messages anymore :slight_smile:

You don’t need to regenerate your friend code, one’s automatically generated when you visit the friend menu on your Pretendo account.

I think what you’re hearing is that the numbers in the Pretendo FC is different to the Nintendo FC.

This has nothing to do with friend codes. Miiverse only showed NNID friends. Which is also how Juxt works. Adding a friend on the 3DS does not add them as a NNID/PNID friend, since the 3DS uses a different account system (its complicated)

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Oh, so to be able to message someone on my 3ds I need to get their PN fc and send them mine?

No. Again, this has nothing to do with friend codes. The 3DS does not use NNIDs (or PNIDs in our case) for its online services. This includes friends

Miiverse only ever shows NNID friends

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When I add friends who also have Pretendo, they don’t show up on my Juxtaposition friends list. I have 5 friends with Juxt-

I don’t think you’re understanding, 3DS friends won’t show up in Miiverse, only Wii U friends @andrewjbsax.

Oh. So the whole user page is useless on 3ds?

Yes, I think that’s what @PN_Jon is trying to say.

@PN_Jon Will friends ever be a feature on 3DS Juxtaposition?

Again: 3DS friends are not the same thing as a NNID friend. A 3DS friend is someone you’ve added on your 3DS. A NNID friend is someone who you’ve added from your NNID. The 3DS uses a different account system. The 3DS uses a different friends system. It’s all different.


Probably not. Juxtaposition, like Miiverse, operates using NNIDs/PNIDs

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