How much driver points do you have in mk8

For me I have 3171 in race

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I have 100 points on Mario kart 8

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Bro what,this means you almost got last in every race


I have something like 10200 in 8 Deluxe iirc? Around 7000 in 8, 2800 in 7 I think, 5200 in Wii.

Bro how I have never seen u in an online game in mk8 pretendo

I’ve played MK8 online on Pretendo once, before shutdown.

Online Mario kart 8 is so much fun

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I remember 2080 on my old account since the server down.

I know it’s so much fun

Hey when the servers back on wanna play together

I love :heart: Mario kart 8 so much

I mean sure for you!

Add me Anton2024 we both can play together

Ok I’m adding right now

Your friendlist working

Yea it is working fine

Try restarting your router and see if it works

Did you put only DNS settings

Bro I’m using inkay method,I’m not using dns

Online server back on