Frightening 2DS glitch

I had a weird issue with my 2DS this morning. I had left a YouTube video running, and the video was set to repeat, and when I woke up, I noticed the music had stopped. I tried tapping the play button on the lower screen, but nothing happened. I tried tapping the other buttons on the screen, but nothing happened when I tapped on them either, and the lower screen was suddenly unresponsive, and all the exterior console buttons were dead/unresponsive too, even the power button, and I couldn’t turn it off, but then the whole system/console just shut itself down (both screens rapidly went black), and I waited roughly 3 minutes, turned it back on, and everything was fine and I hadn’t lost anything, not even my Pokémon X progress - or anything major on the console, really. The only things I lost were said YouTube video (don’t worry, I bookmarked the tab LONG before this issue occurred) and a couple of other tabs I had been looking at. The funny thing is, I had my console charging up overnight, so if it was on full power, what do you think this means? I’ve never gotten this issue before, and I’m terrified it means that my console might be dying slowly, and I don’t want that to happen, as I’ve had it now for 7 or 8 years. Has this happened to anyone else?

I’m sorry, but this is a Pretendo forum and your issue doesn’t seem to be related to Pretendo. I’d suggest asking this on another general homebrew forum like GBATemp.


bro he ain’t posting on support so let him cook

I’m a female user here.

Ok, so apparently this post of mine was hidden, but I edited it so that the tag said “Support” instead of “Technical Discussion”. Dunno why though. It’s DEFINITELY a technical error.

It isn’t related to Pretendo though most likely, I think General would be better honestly lol

This is the third topic it’s been put in. And here I was, thinking that Support or Technical Discussion were good categories, since they’re about/related to such issues.

Blud this is pretendo not homebrew

you got what I meant