Error Code 101-0502. No solution?

Wait how do you talk to your friends in wiiu

In my Nintendo user which is my old account

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No like how do you talk to your friends in wiiu

Which one Nintendo or pretendo

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In Nintendo,like there is no miiverse

It’s working now bro

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Wait pretendo is working for you??finally!

Yes dude looool it working now about time.

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What did you do to solve it

Possible fix found AGAIN!
Try turning off Pretendo in the plugin menu (L + DOWN + SELECT), and then restarting. Friends work (yes pretendo friends show up) miiverse works, although I tried splatoon and I get 104-1970.

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I know this fix a long time ago,but it doesn’t work

Wait can someone tell me what’s bad environment settings

Oh, found a fix for that too. 104-1970 error when you restart? Power off and on and it should work.

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That also doesn’t work

I having that issue again it was been working during day time today.

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Hiii how are you

My friend wanna play Mario kart

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I am also getting this error code. Miiverse works, but Mario Kart 7 isn’t. My hotspot is not working either. I guess I’ll give it some time and see if the issue gets resolved.

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Beta server down at the moment due overloaded.

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I remember getting 101-0502 before I stopped using my Wii U for a while. I turned it back on and switched the connection to my router’s 2.5GHz band instead of the extender I was using before and it worked. This fix might or might not work for you since the error is a general connection problem.


I am frankly fed up of your posts. Just be patient and please stop spamming people. I am just an individual browsing these forums who happens to have some level of knowledge with Nintendo consoles, same goes for all the other people you’ve been spamming as well.

Pretendo is entirely ran by volunteers and as I’ve stated numerous times, it’s still very much in beta. Even projects like Wiimmfi which has been running for a decade still isn’t perfect, can’t even get it to connect online on my DSi or 3DS most of the time.