Error Code 101-0502. No solution?

I already modded my Wii U after I bought it a year ago. MK8 was the only Wii U game I played online for a couple of times. And Mario Kart Wii can be played online too in vWii mode.

Oh I’m going by using SSL instead hackless method.

I’m so sad I can’t talk to my friends on my list.

i would do that but my father would kill me if id restart the router

Why? Restarting the router isn’t going to be an annoyance unless you’re on a call or something?

I’ve turned off the WiFi a few times on my Virgin Media Hub 3 to change DHCP settings and it’s not a disturbance at all

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I left it because I’m going to be getting Nintendo switch soon

Upgrade sky boardband week before because of my sky Q box connection basically I’m not getting enough speed connection.

Good thing I can still go on my internet browser.

Do you think it’s do with my Nintendo ID causes this error issues but my Wi-Fi is completely fine.

It’s not going to be your NNID.

It could be to do with the router, people recently found out that Sky was deploying something called MAP-T and it seems to handle ports in an interesting way.

(isn’t the Sky Q the TV box anyways, not the router? so glad we moved from Sky years ago to Virgin because god knows how unreliable Openreach could still be)

Saying that is full connection in my brothers bedroom

I frankly think you should step away from this at this point and just accept that it’s not going to work for now. We’ve tried to help and in some cases, you’re not listening.

I also suspect you’re under 13 (which means you’re not actually old enough to use Pretendo in the first place legally).

Spamming people isn’t going to help your situation and you’ve had a few accounts which have received moderation action.

Ok :+1:t5::+1:t5: I might just use my NNID account for now.

One last thing Nintendo id is working with my friends list

How to default my user ID for Nintendo switch user to pretendo I don’t know cause this issue.

Either way, it’s still likely to do with your ISP.

As stated in the past, Pretendo is in BETA.

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I look at my openreach showing 3 green lights flashing

Good thing I resolve this issue I need to look at it.

You shouldn’t experience interference by weather if you’re on a FTTP connection.

I only notice weather interfering with my internet signal on 4G and 5G and that’s in rare cases (particularly with EE as indoor coverage is bad here where it’ll go to no signal).

I restart my sky boardband wifi again it saying on my gamepad everything is connected and I put in my DNS setting and it showing everything is connected

I will Check my sky boardband to check my IP issues.

I look at my internet showing my sky connection coming up in my gamepad.

Say that my Wi-Fi signal is full.

I checked my IP address
thanks Gamer for letting me know with support

So did you find a solution anton

It is do with my isp issue

Isp is the problem connected to my Wi-Fi because it is running slow and therefore I can’t use pretendo now.