Error code 015-5016

Hi. So I am getting the 015-5016 error code whenever I try to post on Juxtaposition directly from Triforce Heroes, and I can’t seem to find anything related to this error code online. Does anyone know how to fix this issue ? By the way, I can post on the Miiverse app from the Home Menu without any issue.

Edit : I just tried accessing the Triforce Heroes community from talking to the NPC and when it gets me to Juxtaposition, I get a 404 error : community not found. I guess it’s an issue due to the fact that the ZTFH community on Juxt is untelated to the og community from Miiverse, so it fails to redirect to the right community since Miiverse is closed.
The thing is, I saw a popular post on the community of someone who used stamps, that’s why I’m trying to know what’s happening with this functionality, if it’s broken or if I need to do something to fix this error.

I looked up the error
it does not exist

It probably isn’t logged yet that’s all. Someone with more experience might be able to explain what the error code means.

damn that’s very true