Discord ban appeal

Ban appeals is closed, so I felt I should put this here.

my discord name is nintendo.net, I was banned for having the T slur in my discord name.
I had it there due to it being my pretendo

I feel I should be unbanned because thats a bit silly and im a very silly person

delete this thread if it doesnt belong here or whatever

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Ban appeals aren’t currently being handled here.

I don’t frankly know what’s the process for them right now since I haven’t been updated on it.

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So does this mean you cannot make an appeal right now because my wiiu was just banned today

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Yeah, you can’t make a ban appeal now

this was a discord ban appeal more than an account ban appeal, there’s a whole forum for ban appeals but they closed it due to not being able to private them, lol.

Do you have any idea when we will be able to make ban appeals again?

I’ve been working with the Pretendo team regarding the forums and there is a way but the forums isn’t a top priority for them from what I’ve heard.

Btw if your hacking on pretendo network is it just a permanent ban because most of the time i was litterally squid partying.

I wasn’t hacking, it was just my discord username i got banned for. lol.


i would like a reply from staff maybe?

Staff don’t regularly monitor the forums at the moment. One of the developers do but they don’t have access to moderation stuff afaik.

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godamnit, could you get one of their attention in discord?

okay if not :3

I have had conversations with Pretendo staff but I’m not sure if they’re being looked at currently unfortunately