Changing a Pretendo ID

Would a dev be able to change my Pretendo ID username (not nickname) to something else?

Staff usually don’t tend to change Pretendo Network IDs. You can make another account, though.

Do you know if pretendo accounts can be deleted?

To my knowledge, staff only delete accounts under certain circumstances. I may be wrong, so it’d be better to just contact staff themselves.

Alright, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

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You could try making another PNID, and if you use a CFW Wii U with Aroma, you can use the SaveMii save manager to transfer your saves to the new one.

For 3DS, use this program called Checkpoint to transfer your saves. It should be built into your Luma installation.

Or, to simplify things, just contact the staff.

Unnecessary for using Pretendo on 3DS.