Can I use the same Mii on Pretendo and Nintendo Network on 3DS?

Hello Guys so i wanted to install Bank on my 3ds and i need a Nintendo Network ID for this purpose. But i have already a Pretendo Account and my Question is now, is it allright to use the same mii for both of them and the same mail etc
Thank you very much for any help in advance

As long as your account name isnt the same as you nintendo id. Your pretendo account can use a mii created on the pretendo account page. I think you can use a ported or create a new mii from the mii channel. Tho if you try to edit the pretendo created mii on the wiiu. Youll get a message saying you cant edit the mii.

After, you edit the mii on your pretendo account page. You have to wait around a day. Before you can use that mii on your wiiu. Otherwise, yeah you can use your mii on pretendo but you may nedd to be a bit creative for complex edits.

This post specifically indicated 3DS.

I don’t know personally since I did my Mii online and just imported the Mii from Pretendo servers.

So, after you import your mii using the qr code thing in the mii maker. Go to settings , account, and change mii. This should let you use your nintendo id mii on your pretendo account.

I just found out on wiiu which should apply to 3ds users as well. By going to settings, account, change mii. You can use the 3ds mii from the nintendo account on the pretendo account.

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