Beyblade Burst - Beylogger Plus and Puzzle

If you don’t already know.
This service allowed you to send beypoints from the Beylogger plus to your beyblade burst account to participate in the rare bey get battle.

The Beylogger plus is an Accessory that would sit atop a beyblade burst launcher to track your launch power. The beylogger plus has the ability to interact with the 3ds app for it, transferring your launch data to Takara Tomy’s servers.

I think it would be awesome if this service could be brought to pretendo allowing us to.
-Create an Account for the service (Linking it to our PNID)
-Have an online leaderboard of Launch Power/No. of launches per PNID.

Currently the 3ds app is the easiest way to bring this service back and the Beyblade community would surely be happy if it was possible to use this service.

Would it be possible to bring this service to pretendo somehow?

Thank you for reading.

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