3DS Juxtaposition 015 5015 Error

Hi, ive been using Juxt for a long time, and one time, i had an error (While using Nintendo Network) that my SD Card was removed, my 3ds rebooted and after using Nimbus again i tried to log into Juxt and got the 015 5015 Error. Going into settings i noticed it was using my NNID, so i did what other supports said and i uninstalled and reinstalled Nimbus, (Using Universal Updater), i went back on and i was still logged out of my PNID, i tried again and again but finally deleted my NNID, and still, when i would try to log in to my PNID, it would fail before registering and not save it on there. Should i keep deleting and reinstalling Nimbus or do i need to do something else?