101-0502 splatoon and Mario Kart 8 Wii u Server

Hi pretendo team

I want to have some help my wii u console because I want to play splatoon and Mario kart 8 with my friends online but I connected to my Wi-Fi and put in my DNS settings it is connected and show me that is successful with the dns settings.

I’m using sky boardband fibre in my house and my whole devices are completely fine. I spoken to sky last week they saying that my Wi-Fi should be stable now to play online games.

My router is showing all green at the moment. What I done was turned off my wii u and plug out my Wi-Fi and push it back in now. I check my router again it saying that router full green. I can go on my internet browser that is working fine
I could not understand why is my friends list and miiverse are not working properly.

It was working yesterday when I was playing the game and when I exited the game and play Mario kart 8 it gives me same error code constantly.

I spoken to someone about it and they said to me it could be do with internet connection or pretendo server end or overloaded it been like this for 3 days now.

On my friend list I have only 5 friends are playing Mario and splatoon.

Can anyone help me on this please I really want to play it so badly :sob::sob::sob:

Sorry to bother, but before this error happened I was try ing to fix a Splatoon error with the DNS method.

Then when I didn’t work I took off the method and now when I turn on after a while I have to put in my Pretendo account all over again every time

I need you to stop posting and just be patient. It is possible that you will just need to wait until this thing is fixed on the server side. Please, just be patient. Your constant posting isn’t helping this to get fixed any faster.