101-0502 error code on wii u when entering an online game or friend list

Hello im getting the error 101-0502 everyone say is a overload to the server but its been three days and i still cant play my friends can play and see me on the friend list as offline if anyone could help me i really want to play ty

Same for me,3 days in a row I can’t,it’s because of server overload

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Are you using inkay or ssl method?Cuz ssl method doesn’t work now

the inkay method and its been four days since i entered last time

That is because of a load in the server,try resetting wara wara boss tasks from the plugin menu in inkay/other settings(the second one)/reset wara wara boss tasks,and click a,then exit.It will reboot Ur wiiu,then open Ur account,and directly go to the game,and see,if it won’t work,then there is nothing u can do.

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Are you on the latest version of Aroma?

Yeah i am and still now doesnt work

I tried and still no luck i guess i have to wait

If you’re on the latest version of Aroma, Inkay will not work properly. I know that a download link to a working dev build of Inkay is somewhere on GitHub, but I’m unsure where. I’ll update you as soon as I find the link.

Found the new update,I’m installing it

It is still,aroma is v20,inkay is 2.5,btw This error comes in mario kart8,Splatoon,but doesn’t come in super mario maker,and I’m not using sssl,I’m using inkay,what’s the problem?

Never mind, looks like I was wrong lol

So now what do I have to do?

Same scenario here, hope someone finds a solution :frowning:

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Try clearing your Wara Wara Plaza maybe?

I tried,doesn’t work

Pls do a solution for this

Hi same for me but i can only play with a hotspot with phone but when i play with my wifi its doesn’t work but before my wifi work perfectly idk why this error came suddenly :smiling_face_with_tear: